Fleet Management

Whether moving people or goods, responding to emergencies or delivering packages, fleet vehicles must be guided by the most extensive truck attribution available. Our web based vehicle tracking solution provides industry leading logistics content, professional navigation, unparalleled road network coverage and the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic information.

The main advantages that our solution offers to the transportation and logistics industries involve:

  • Improved safety: Prevent your trucks from being driven where they might be in danger of causing damage to the vehicle or infrastructure
  • Easier compliance: Avoid expensive fines for violating restrictions
  • Greater efficiency: Reduce your fleet operating expenses by limiting out-of-route miles and increasing asset utilization
  • More customer satisfaction: Calculate improved estimated arrival times and stick to them
  • A greener fleet: Reduce your fuel usage and minimize carbon emissions 

Our vehicle tracking solution delivers real-time location of every vehicle in the fleet, allowing for quick adaption to new developments and making smarter, informed decisions. The system identifies which employee is closest to any new assignment and gives instant access to important vehicle information and driving behavior information such as speed, mileage and fuel consumption; saving money and making businesses more efficient.

Some of the key features that our web based vehicle tracking system provide include:

  • On-line vehicle tracking and tracing
  • Professional navigation
  • Best maps including legal truck routes
  • Live real time traffic
  • 2-way communication between drivers and back office
  • Vehicle maintenance monitoring
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Customizable detailed reporting
  • Easy integration with Open API


Example Projects

Inspector Route Optimization

City of San Antonio

PAI works with the City of San Antonio Development Services Department to provide professional services and software to implement a route planning and optimization solution for their fleet of City inspectors. Our proprietary route optimization tool will be supported by an application installed on the mobile devices used by the inspectors, simultaneously serving as a tracking device and capturing events such as arrivals, departures, and delays to allow City supervisors to communicate efficiently with drivers. Our comprehensive fleet management solution will provide inspectors with instant notification of route changes through mobile alerts, while providing City supervisors with real-time information regarding the current location of the inspectors and their progression in executing their assigned orders. Upon completion, this solution will:

  • Optimize inspector routes
  • Maximize inspector resource utilization and efficiency
  • Provide an accurate location display for each inspector
  • Save fuel and vehicle maintenance costs by minimizing vehicle run-time and miles driven
  • Notify customers of their place in queue and/or ETA for each inspector 
  • Ensure inspector and vehicle accountability through a GPS tracking mechanism
  • Integrate seamlessly with City's legacy system