Founded in 2001, PAI is a woman-owned, small business. Dr. Mansooreh Mollaghasemi, founded Productivity Apex, Inc. (PAI) with the goal of using sound principles of industrial engineering and operations research to help commercial enterprises and government agencies improve their productivity and maximize their efficiencies.

PAI has a wide range of software development and consulting services in areas of modeling and simulation, supply chain management, data mining and artificial intelligence, process optimization, and software engineering.

PAI brings a unique combination of skills and services in meeting our clients' needs. Our associates consist of a diverse group of engineering, scientific, business, and information technology professionals who share the following attributes:

  • Solution-oriented: Every client is interested in the bottom line analysis - what do we do and how do we get it done? Our goal is to provide the information required in answering this question. At PAI, we focus on providing the right information that enable clients to make the right decision and manage their risks.
  • Quantitative: At PAI, we believe in backing up our solutions with numbers. We don't just provide words - we provide the numbers to justify them.
  • Service-Oriented: At PAI, we understand that every relationship is built on trust and respect. We know technical excellence is not enough - so we work hard to understand and listen to our clients.