Aerospace and Defense

PAI has vast experience in aerospace and defense arena; organizations such as NASA, Boeing, United Space Alliance (USA), Lockheed Martin, and SAIC have turned to PAI to solve complex problems ranging from modeling and simulation of spacecraft ground operations to supply chain modeling and data mining for knowledge discovery. 

Our aerospace and defense customers have used our expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of Decision support tools for evaluating potential operational scenarios for the assembly, integration, and production of space vehicles. This includes evaluating facility layouts, process mapping and reengineering, and evaluating maintenance and sparing policies to ensure that proposed architectures could meet the availability and production rate requirements.
  • Prediction of asset expected life based on operational profile, resulting in wider service intervals, better MRO operations, optimized parts inventory, and reduced overall cost.
  • Analyzing plant engineering work processes to identify inefficiencies and underperforming maintenance processes and to find opportunities for optimization through an optimum blend of reliability centered maintenance (RCM), total productive maintenance (TPM), and condition monitoring.
  • Development of behavioral and physical models for constructive and virtual simulations, specifically for the SE Core and OneSAF programs.