Healthcare industry has seen a great deal of change in recent years. New Government reforms and policies will have significant impact on the future of healthcare. Providers understand that the way to overcome potential challenges resulting from new regulations is to make their processes more efficient and flexible to those changes.

At PAI, we understand that achieving the highest level of service quality, while operating at optimum cost, is what differentiates first in class service providers from the rest in the healthcare industry. PAI's capabilities make it possible to model healthcare processes and predict the impact of various policy implementations on overall system performance.

Our services and solutions can be used to:

  • Analyze healthcare work processes to identify inefficiencies and inaccuracies as well as their root causes in order to reduce medical errors
  • Assess operational procedures to improve patient level of service
  • Perform capacity planning analyses
  • Optimize healthcare supply chain performance

Through the use of root cause analysis, data mining and analytics, lean principles, process optimization methods, and modeling and simulation, PAI is able to improve management and administration of healthcare, increase access to care, and improve patient services and outcomes.