Hospitality industry has experienced incredible growth due to increase in air travel and tourism. To remain competitive, however, hospitality providers must optimize their use of available resources to provide high level of customer satisfaction while keeping costs down.

PAI has successfully completed several process modeling/optimization and data analysis projects to help our hospitality customers improve their systems and to stay ahead of the competition.

Some of the capabilities we offer to hospitality industry are:

  • Modeling and analysis of business processes to identify waste and improve efficiency, productivity, and customer service levels
  • Evaluation of business models/policies to predict the impact of changes on occupancy, capacity, and customer satisfaction
  • Applying predictive models to optimize staffing decisions and schedules
  • Identifying key performance indicators for a specific location or product line
  • Predicting seasonal and event-driven customer behavior
  • Optimization of inventory policies and supply chain operations

PAI's advanced analytics tools give hospitality organizations the insight to anticipate trends and predict future outcomes. By utilizing our knowledge and expertise, our customers have achieved better customer experience, more efficient operations, and improved financial results.