The highly competitive U.S. transportation and logistics industry relies on its companies to better facilitate the flow of goods throughout the largest consumer market in the world. Linking producers and consumers through multiple transportation modes - truck transport, freight rail, maritime transport, and air/express delivery - requires substantial integration across a vast supply chain network while staying compliant with ever-evolving regulatory requirements. To provide efficient and consistent customer service, transportation and logistics companies must deliver tailored solutions that ensure coordinated goods movement from origin to end user.

Our personalized solutions for transportation and logistics clients have been used to:

  • Optimize order assignments, vehicle routing, and order execution
  • Facilitate communication and enable automatic transfer of real-time data
  • Provide a seamless interface that connects our route planning solution with your existing hardware and systems
  • Monitor the movement of your entire fleet - visualize vehicle locations, master job dispatch, and analyze workforce driving behaviors
  • Realize greater business growth through cost savings, increased productivity, improved safety, and greater efficiency